Preview: The Rutledge Wood Interview

I had a chance to spend some time with Rutledge Wood this morning at Phoenix International Raceway.  NASCAR fans already know Rutledge from Speed TV – and now the rest of America is getting to discover Rut through “Top Gear” on the History Channel.

Rutledge and I talked about the difference in Top Gear fans and NASCAR fans – he shared how illegal videos uploaded to YouTube helped his score the job on TG – I ask him about his fashionable line of new Tshirts and sooo much more!

You will have to listen to the Out of the Tunnel Podcast coming up this week to hear the entire 18 minute interview…. but in the meantime – here’s a preview.

Click play to listen:

Top Gear US – Hitting the Redline


After a break, the second half of the Top Gear season kicked off tonight on the History Channel.   If you havn’t yet checked out this show – you need to watch.  If you watched in the first season and didn’t get hooked, give it another chance – you need to watch.   Hell, even if you only love the BBC version of this show – you need to watch.

The BBC version of TG has a cult like following – so many of the TG faithful were not willing to give the American hosts a chance.

I do think the show had a slow start out of the gates in the first season.  Most of the BBC “snobs” were bashing Top Gear US before the show show even aired.    There were also folks who had no idea what Top Gear BBC was – but they also didn’t know to they needed to check out the History Channel for a car show.  It also took some time for the American producers and hosts to make it their own.

I think it took a season for Rutledge Wood, Tanner Foust and Adam Ferrara to find their groove.  The chemisty is now in-tune and the three play off each other – ribbing, prodding and humiliating each other at every turn.  You can tell they genuinly like each other and cut-up just like they would if the cameras and pop-tops were off.

(I think I just aged myself with that pop-top reference.  Kids, a pop-top is the removable tab on alumnim cans that we had when I grew up.  You would pull the sharpe tab completely off the can – they were like little razor blades and everytime I went to the pool or beach I feared slicing my foot open by stepping on one.  You may have heard this term, pop-top, in the Jimmy Buffet song “Magaritiville.”)

(OK, I may have just aged myself with that Jimmy Buffet reference.  Kids, Jimmy Buffet is a singer/songwriter that your Mom and Dad listen to when they would get drunk and screw.)

As a car guy, Top Gear is the most fun you can have on TV.  The formula is simple:  take three grown-up men acting like giggling teenagers, throw in some really fast cars, crazy stunts and funny writing…..

If you are not watching Top Gear US – you need to watch.

The show comes on the History Channel every Tuesday night at 9pm.

Click here to see clips and learn more about the show.