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Help fund Stephen Rhodes return to the track


Stephen Rhodes, the only openly gay driver in NASCAR wants to return to the track in 2015.  Like any team these days, sponsorship is hard to find.  So Stephen is going to crowd fund his efforts to go racing again!


How awesome would it be to see an #EQUALITY themed truck on track in NASCAR?  Give now!

Spread the word – get this to go viral, ask your friends to donate…. let’s get that #Equality truck on the track.


Guest Voice: Gay Matters?

This week we have a guest post by Q4G reader Kyle Schomer – a huge racing fan raised on the short tracks in the Mid West and now calling the South West home.

Kyle had some opinions on the social media reaction to the Stephen Rhodes interview on Speed last week that he wanted to share with to Q4G audience. You can follow Kyle on Twitter – @remohcs and find him on Facebook

Gay Matters?

Stephen Rhodes must be having a gay ole time with his recent media frenzy. The long time racer has announced that he has an interest in returning to one of NASCARs major touring series in 2014, the NASCAR Camping World Truck Series. Though Rhodes ran a couple races in the series in 2003, no one really made a stink about his personal life; a decade later, gay matters.

Stephen took time away from racing to support his (ridiculously cute) partner while he pursued his dream of opening a restaurant. Now, Rhodes announced that he is ready for his comeback to NASCAR.

Cue the pandemonium! The winds picked up! Hail fell from the skies! Fires burned across America!

Sort of; It was really just people tweeting a lot.

One tweet got quite a bit of attention, 3 retweets in only it’s first 5 days!

First of all, I would like to congratulate SNAKEMAN for making the decision to come OUT; it’s incredible how athletes serve as role models to America’s children.

Second, he shouldn’t be so dramatic. Being dramatic is like a slippery slope; one minute you are whining about other people, the next, you are shaving your head and beating off paparazzi with an umbrella. I’ve seen this happen. It’s not cute.

Negative tweets like SNAKEMAN’s, were actually much like real SNAKES, uncommon…and icky. Most of the comments were overwhelmingly positive, and that really makes me proud to be a gay, and proud to be a NASCAR fan.

Some tweeters expressed concern over media explosion, and referred to the news as “Hoopla”, but @pineapplecakes brought attention to the importance of the media stir.

Of course when I was a little gay boy, I would have loved to have a role model like Stephen Rhodes. That is why this is such an important moment in NASCAR. It would have made a difference in my life, and it very well may make a difference in someone else’s.

Stephen Rhodes definitely has people talking. The discussion isn’t whether or not NASCAR should allow a gay driver; it is whether or not the opinion of the fans is enough to make an impact on the sport.

So, does gay matter? I say no, but I also thought OJ did it; obviously I’ve been wrong before.

The sponsor will come. Maybe it won’t be Wal-mart or Chick-fil-A, they aren’t really into the whole diversity thing; but maybe MasterCard or Visa? Microsoft, Google, Target, Starbucks or even Facebook? There is a long list of companies that are proud to be LGBT supporters, and it may be a good financial decision for those companies.

What about ticket sales? The ticket that doesn’t go to John in Georgia will just be mailed to Jake in Ohio. And the weekend family package for the Richards family? The Richards family is still going to the races, they freaking love it. I believe the very small number of fans who abandon their passion, will be balanced out by the number of queens in the nation who will tune into a sport because it’s fun, and exciting, and there are a ton of cute guys.

Time will tell if a ride pops up for Rhodes, and if it does, he could very well be the Top of the NASCAR Camping World Truck Series.

Stephen Rhodes is making a charge, and a change. As for SNAKEMAN, I say turn off your T.V. and go back to thinking you are a white male in the 1920′s. The rest of us are going racing.

Openly Gay NASCAR Driver Interviewed on Speed

You may remember Stephen Rhodes from his appearance on The Out of the Tunnel Podcast a few weeks ago….. Stephen is an openly gay race car driver with his sights set on a 2014 return to the NASCAR Truck Series.

Today, Stephen was interview on Race Hub – airing on the Speed Network.  You can watch the full interview below:

You can follow Stephen on Twitter,  or like his Facebook page.


Out of the Tunnel Podcast Show 48

This week Adam and I welcome a very special guest for the full hour:  Stephen Rhodes – a life long short-track racer and 2003 NASCAR Truck series veteran… who just happens to be openly gay.

Stephen talks to us about his start on dirt, transition to asphalt, his time in the Truck Series and his plans to get back into the Truck series for the 2014 Season.

The timing was perfect, as last week, Viv Bernstein’s blog called out NASCAR for being silent after Jason Collins/NBA came out of the closet.  We discuss what it’s like for an openly gay driver in the garage and would that affect a driver’s ability to attract sponsors.

And of course, we talk about all the drama from the “Big Two” at Talladega.  Plus we all weigh in on if NASCAR will fine Ryan Newman for his post-race comments; questioning if “they” should have restarted the race after the caution.

All that, plus…. what’s up our butts

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