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Out of the Tunnel 98

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This week Adam and I were joined by a very special guest.  USA Today’s NASCAR writer and twitter phenom Jeff Gluck joins the podcast.

We talk about the brawl in Charlotte, what fines NASCAR may pass down, Harvick breaking his slump and much much more.

All that…. plus – What’s up our butt!

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The Flip Side of the Microphone – Jeff Gluck

Jeff Gluck and Miss Sprint Cup Kim Coons representin'

Welcome to “The Flipside of the Microphone” – a new podcast series on Q4G.  Think…. Inside the Actors Studio….. but instead of an actor – we talk with a member of the NASCAR Media.  They travel from track to track each weekend sticking their microphones in front of our favorite drivers…. and I thought it would be intersting to flip the microphone around….. and get to know more about some of our favorite NASCAR jounalist.

Where did they grow up? What other jobs have they had? What’s the biggest story they ever broke?  All that plus we talk about the state of journalism at the track.

This week we talk to Jeff Gluck from SB Nation.  Gluck is one of the most active Tweeters in the NASCAR press box.   He has helped the NASCAR obsessed Twitter fans come out from behind their computers and interact in person at the Tweet-Up gatherings he hosts at each race. You can follow him on Twitter: @Jeff_Gluck  and like him on Facebook.

Jeff and I talk about growing up in Northern California (he and his Mom were in the upper deck at Candlestick Park – when the earthquake hit in the 1989 World Series, we discuss the path he took to the NASCAR Press Box.  From losing his print job to finding his gig in the online world – All that plus a lot more -

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You can check out the previous episodes of The Flip Side of the Microphone:  Reid Spencer: from the NASCAR Wire Service, Lewis Franck from Reuters and Ryan McGee from ESPN.

Top 7 “Seis Questions” Interviews

One of the ongoing features at Queers4Gears is “Seis Questions” – where we sit down with someone from the world of Motorsports and ask them just six questions.   Here are some of the best from 2010.

Seis with Andrew Giangola” – NASCAR’s Director of Business Communications

Seis with Jennifer Jo Cobb” – Driver from the NASCAR Camping World Truck Series

Seis with Riki Rachtman” – TV Personality from VH1 and host of Racing Rocks on the radio, this guy LOVES his NASCAR

Seis with Kendra Jacobs”  – Mark Martin’s Public Relations Manager and one of the 50 Most Beautiful People in NASCAR.

Seis with Amanda Speed” – Former PR rep and wife of NASCAR Driver Scott Speed.

Seis with Jeff Gluck” – veteran NASCAR writer and the “king” of Twitter in NASCAR.

 “Seis with Troy Germain” – openly Gay, Short-Track Stock Car announcer.

Gaynalysis: Watkins Glen

The Gaynalysis is just one Gay NASCAR Fans’ take on the Race Weekend.  You can read the “straight” recap of the Heluva Good Sour Cream Dips at Watkins Glen by clicking here.

"Gay NASCAR" by Keith J. Varadi - 2009

The drama kicked off well before the racing this weekend when Driver Diva Kurt Busch came into the Media Center.  In an exchange with SBNations’ Jeff Gluck the elder Busch took several shots at drivers in the Hendrick camp, calling them “Pretty Boys.”

Gluck asked KuBu if he felt there was a place for “personality” over “driving” in NASCAR.  Busch replied, “Well, I mean, the guys at Hendrick are pretty boys and they get on People magazine covers and that’s their job.   My job is to race cars, and that’s what I focus on. I like to race the cars and race ‘em hard and race ‘em smart.”

Keep in mind that this was only a few days removed from the incident at Pocono where Jimmie wrecked Kurt and Elliott Sadler in a poorly timed drafting attempt.

But Kurt could not let the “pretty boy” thought go.  Talk about a jealous Diva!  Kurt thinks he should have been picked to drive the #5 in 2012     “….I even thought that I had a shot at jumping in that 5 car, but a pretty boy named Kasey Kahne got picked over me.”

You’re damn right Kasey is pretty – and don’t you forget it Kurt!   Back Off!  I will not hesitate to cut a diva!

Speaking of other pretty boys that need some defending; wanna-be Driver Diva Jason Leffler wrecked Nationwide Driver Hottie Colin Braun in the race on Saturday.  Seems Leffler expects other drivers to slow down and let him in.  Hey Jason – this is racing; not a merging lane on the interstate.  You just wrecked Colin – plain and simple.  I extend the same warning to you that KuBu got!

OD – Original Diva Tony Stewart got into an incident with former Muppets character Boris Said.   In a similar incident to Leffler/Stud,  Boris did not give Tony enough room off the rumble strips – in the end it was Said who was backwards in the wall.   Tony called Boris an “Idiot.”  Boris was more diplomatic and gave some PC answer: saying his deal and Tony’s deal ran into each other.

Tony and Boris are two of my favorite drivers divas………. Hands Down.  They make being a racing fan fun.

I also just want to make a quick comment on how gay that race was………. And by “gay” I mean; Absolutely Fan Freakin-Tastic and Fabulous in every way.

I love road course racing and it doesn’t get any better than The Glen.  The battles between International Drivers Divas Marcos Ambrose and Juan Pablo Montoya were Epic.  The Glen’s layout nets  more speed than most road courses and that allows for more passing and have-at-it racing.

NASCAR needs to put a second Road Course into the Chase.  Earlier I posted my plan for a new NASCAR schedule that would have (second) races that rotated locations every year.  This would allow for more road courses on the schedule and YES;  in the Chase.

On another gay note;  did anyone notice who was sponsoring the #05 of Victor Gonzalez Jr’s car in the Nationwide Race?  The Ricky Martin Foundation was on the hood of the car!   I am working a separate story about that sponsorship and will post it later in the week.   Ricky had tweeted about – giving NASCAR some truly global exposure!

Seacrest Homo Out!

Carl Edwards Does Not Back Down

[ via SBNation.com / by Jeff Gluck ]

credit Michael T. Myers / Queers4Gears.com

Carl Edwards said he accepted NASCAR’s points penalty in light of the other cars that were wrecked as a result of his incident with Brad Keselowski at Gateway last weekend, but offered no signs of regret for his actions otherwise.

“It’s not OK to move me out of the way,” Edwards said Friday at Indianapolis Motor Speedway. “If somebody else wants to let people move them out of the way for the win, then that’s OK with me. They can do whatever they like. I can’t allow myself to be run over like that.”

Edwards scoffed at Keselowski’s claim that the initial contact between the two was unintentional. He said several times that Keselowski knew exactly what he was doing when he tapped Edwards and made a pass on the final lap, and said the Penske Racing driver was too good to make a mistake like that.

“I believe that he did not make a mistake – that was intentional,” Edwards said. “He moved me out of the way to gain an advantage – and it almost worked. He almost won the race. You know, that’s what he did. NASCAR knows what happened and he knows what happened and that’s why they penalized him.

“I’m telling you as a race car driver – and any other race car driver will tell you – that wasn’t a slip-up. And if it was a slip-up, you have a little bit of insurance you leave yourself when you go down in the corner like that. On the last lap, you might not say, ‘I’m going to drive down in this corner and hit this guy,’ but trust me, it’s real easy to say, ‘I’m going to drive down into this corner a little bit harder than I have, consequences be damned – and this guy’s going to be the one that pays.’”

And because of Edwards’ firm belief that Keselowski hit him on purpose – thus potentially snatching a win away – Edwards said he was left with no choice but to retaliate.


Las Vegas NASCAR Tweet-Up

Are you on Twitter?  Do you just not understand?  Well if you are not on Twitter and y0u were at the Nascar Races in Las Vegas you missed out on a surprise driver appearance.

A Tweet-Up is a gathering, scheduled on twitter,  where followers of a certain group or sport gather in person – stepping out from behind their computers and smart phones.

In the case of Nascar – these Tweet-Up’s have been organized by SBNation.com‘s Jeff Gluck.  Usually he can get one of the twitters from the garage to join him.   You will often see T.J Majors – the spotter for Dale Earnhardt Jr. at the gatherings.

Jeff is not the only Nascar Media Regular using Twitter to reach out in new ways to their readers.   Bob Packrass from SceneDaily.com and frequent contributor to Siruis Nascar’s Radio media discussions also attended.   Nascar Bloggers Farrah Kaye from TheBleacherReport.com and Toby Christy from RubbingsRacing.com were twittering live from the event.

This week’s special guests were Scott Speed and his wife Amanda. Scott drives the #82 Red Bull Toyota.  He and Amanda are well known as two of the most entertaining people to follow on Twitter from the Nascar Garage.

Want to get in on the fun? Don’t wanna miss out on the next Nascar Tweet-up?  You can follow any of these people by clicking on their name.  Click here to see all the pictures – the bright sun played havoc with my camera – so some are not the best.

Las Vegas Nascar Tweet-up

Scott Speed meets Fans at the Tweet-Up

Seis with Jeff Gluck (six questions that is)

This is an ongoing feature of Queers4Gears – where we interview someone from the world of Motor Sports and ask them SIX Questions.  This week we interview Jeff Gluck – NASCAR writer for SBNation.com and a prolific user of Twitter(@Jeff_Gluck)   He’s covered more than 100 Sprint Cup races for various publications, including 28 races in each of the previous three seasons. In addition to his NASCAR coverage, he has covered all of the “stick-and-ball sports” at every level, from high school football to the Super Bowl.   I sat down with Jeff at Auto Club Speedway and asked him about Twitter – and being a Nascar Writer.

Jeff Gluck meets Nascar Fans at a Tweet-Up at Auto Club Speedway

Q:   Have you ever written a Tweet and then immediately upon reflection deleted it?

A:   Yes, although mostly for errors or I realized that I did something wrong.   I really haven’t been a position where I tweeted something that was bad judgment.  Because usually I think about it enough beforehand and ask myself – should I really say this.   I don’t necessarily just fire stuff off.    What happens a lot with me is that it has already been re-tweeted before I can get to it – so I will just correct it in another tweet.    If you’re asking for bad judgment – then no,   I have been fortunate.   Misspellings?  Yes

Q:   Now that you are live blogging for SBNATION.com – do you have an editor like you did when working in newspaper?   Is that an advantage or disadvantage?

A:   An editor is always an advantage.   Even if it something from a grammatical to asking me if I am sure that I really want to say that.   You know, if you go too far with something.  If I want to put something up on the front (page) of SBNATION site – I will publish it in the Nascar portion of the site and then say, “Hey take a look at this.”  They will read it and decide if they want to put it on the front.   But if I am just posting on the NASCAR portion – then no one is looking over my shoulder which is scary.  It’s almost like not having a parachute – you have no safety net.    So, I try to read it a couple of times but… Sometimes you’re in a hurry and you miss stuff.   Obviously nobody’s perfect either – but some stuff does get through.  I’ve even had my Mom text me and say, “Do you want me to bug you about typos because you made one.”  And I’m like, “Oh really – yes I would like to know, thank you.”

Q:  One thing I have noticed my first time in the press center is that Drivers seem to always be answering the same questions.  How much effort do you put into making your questions original – or do the particular events at the track dictate or steer the questions for you.

A:   Well, it’s interesting that you bring that up.  I would say the times that you hear the same questions over and over –are not from the traveling beat people.  Because we have already heard what Tony Stewart has to say about Danica.  No one that travels is going to ask Tony Stewart about Danica.  But you come out to a new city and somebody from the Riverside Paper – or the San Bernardino Paper are there and they haven’t heard that and they are not there every week – they are not following it.  So they don’t know, they’re just asking the question –and then he bites their head off.   That’s why you see the repetition.   I guarantee every week that Tony Stewart, for instance,   gets asked how are things different for you now as an Owner /Driver?  He probably got tired of that question into early last year.  But newspaper editors tell their writers they want to do a story on Tony Stewart and how ownership has changed him – so they get assigned that story and they have to ask that question. ……. And all of the sudden, BAM! They get their head bitten off.   Tony is an extreme example.  Some drivers like Jeff Gordon or Jimmie Johnson they always answer the question very politely – even if they’ve been asked it a thousand times.   I can’t tell you how many times Jimmie Johnson got asked about Chad Knaus about cheating that one year – remember that?  Everywhere he went for the rest of the season he got asked every single week about that.  And he did get tired of it – and a couple of times he gave shorter answers but he never was rude of bit their head off.  They understand that it is all a part of growing the sports audience.

Q:  A few weeks ago Denny Hamlin was upset with DW – and he let it fly on twitter for the world to see.    To my knowledge he was the first driver to let that much emotion fly – do you think he was talked to by his PR staff?  Do you think it could cause drivers to become less real with their Tweets?

A:   I think not at all.  The great thing about Twitter is that these drivers are pretty much themselves and their opinions.   Even the Nascar PR people and telling the drivers, “Tweet away – tell it like it is.”  They want that because that helps show more personality which is obviously something that is a priority right now in NASCAR.   I mean look at Jamie McMurray – many thought he was kinda boring and quiet guy;  and now you see him on Twitter and he’s very likable.  It just shows a whole other side of people.  The drivers realize its good, the PR people realize its good and so far I don’t think any driver has gotten himself in trouble.  Nobody has said anything racist or sexist or anything like that.   Well,  you have had Scott Speed reveal too many details about his sex life or something but I think RedBull like that – they think that is cool and edgy.  I will bet Denny wasn’t talked to about that at all.  Maybe DW was like, “What the hell?”

Q:  Are there any drivers  that should never join/use Twitter ?

A:   I would say they all should have an account.  But if I am going to give an answer I would say Tony Stewart.   I think you could possibly see Tony get into it with a fan and have a very public battle.  Or he could lose his temper and it would look really bad for him.  Or he would call somebody out and be really rude and say something that he would regret.  Fans have this vision of Tony that he tells it like it is – when you’re the one that he’s talking to like that then it is not so fun.  If he lost his temper with fans on twitter – I don’t think that would be very good for him.

Q:  We all have to work hard at making or Tweets fit into the 140 characters – using “u” instead of “you”, ect   Do you find that this affects your “real” writing ability when you sit down to write an story for SBNation.com?

A:  Not yet.   I feel like the real writing is…… you’re at a meal and you loosen your belt up after a big meal and you can breathe again,  “AHHHH.”  It is kinda like that…… being able to write a full sentence again rather than having to shorten it and watch what it like Twitter.   I haven’t used any abbreviations in my writing yet – I hope – If I did I didn’t know about it.