Happy Thanksgiving


Gobble Gobble people!  I hope you are all enjoying the time with family and friends this Thanksgiving.

I wanted to take a moment to express what I am grateful for.

Q4G Contributors: Huge gratitude for all the folks who contribute and help to make Queers4Gears such a fun site.  Troy Germain, Carla Page, Adam Lovelace, David Slater, Ross Bynum, Edward Ochoa, Cody Globig, Brent Summers and Jeff Wolf.  I hope I am not leaving anyone off the list – I can’t say how much I appreciate all of your efforts.

Track Folks:  I only get to attend the races out West and I want to say thanks to the folks at these tracks who have credentialed me and helped me bring live coverage to Q4G.  In particular – John Bisci and Jeff Motley at Las Vegas Motor Speedway, Nicole Schieder, Paul Corliss and Jim Mascola at Phoenix International Raceway, John Cardnali and Hannah Philbin at Infineon Raceway and last but in NO way least – David Talley at Auto Club Speedway.  I appreciate the way these folks and their staff have welcomed Q4G at their tracks.

Media Friends:  ….talk about being afraid to leave someone off the list.  But there are a few folks that really have helped make my time in the media center special – and I am grateful for their friendships and advice.  Be it fiding out where the bath rooms are, where to get interviews or most imporantly; the best places to eat near the track – they are always willing to offer help.  Thank You: Lee Spencer, Reid Spencer, Lewis Franck, Jeff Gluck, Bob Pockrass, Jim Utter, Ryan McGee, Nicole Briscoe and The Speed Freaks – Crash and Kenny.

Most of all…. I am thankful for all of you – the readers.  Thanks for following along –  Happy Thanksgiving.