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Sticky post The Hotel Needs a New Exterminator

The hotel that I am working for is going to need to a new way to do pest control in NYC. It is not like we are not paying a lot of money to the one that we have right now, but they have not been doing a good enough job and we have been bombarded with complaints about bed bugs. Of course that is not something which is really easy to deal with. You could have the pest guy in one day and then the next day you could have a guest bring the bed bugs into the hotel. There is not a whole lot of things that you can do beyond being continuously vigilant. That is all that you can do really. Read more… »

Tasty Diet Food Right to Your Door

After reading South Beach diet reviews, I certainly wanted to give it a try and see if this diet would make a difference in my life. I’ve struggled with my weight for decades, ever since I went through puberty really, and finally decided to get serious about losing the pounds. Several health scares spurred my decision to attempt to shed the unwanted weight. None of us are getting any younger, and many of us won’t get older if we don’t start taking control of our lives and living healthier. For me that meant going on a diet and staying on it.

But where to start? At the suggestion of a friend, I tried diet pills and had a bad reaction to them almost immediately. I’m not really a pill person, so I should have known that wouldn’t work for me. Read more… »

Getting Rid of the Bed Bugs in My House

When my husband told me that we needed to hire a bed bug exterminator in Phoenix AZ, I didn’t know whether to make a face or pass out. I am not a fan of any kind of bug at all. When we have our picnics in the summer months, I have been told that I can get comical when a bee or ant comes close to me. That was a bit more tolerable because I was in their territory. Having bed bugs invade my space though was something that I would not be able to tolerate at all.

I didn’t even really know what a bed bug was, so my husband showed me a picture of one on the computer. It is very disgusting looking, and I was glad that they were not any bigger than what they are. Read more… »

New Contract for Providing Well Drilling Support

We were in hurry up mode. We got a contract to provide hydraulic fracturing fluid to local well sites that was bigger than we initially planned for. We needed the help of a company in Washington, PA that provides turnkey building services to get us another steel building erected fast to help us warehouse items and have garage space for servicing a fleet of tanker trucks. We were able to order more trucks and have our company name painted on them, but we now needed that extra building to handle all the extra trucks.

We ordered a PEMB, which is a pre-engineered metal building. It was being built within six weeks of being ordered. That is an amazingly fast turnaround for getting a new industrial structure built. Read more… »

Getting a Temporary Tattoo First

When my husband told me that he wanted to get a tattoo, I really was not sure what to think. Neither of us had ever talked about wanting one, and it just never really entered my thoughts that he would want to get a tattoo one day. I went online to learn more about it, because it was just so foreign to me. I was really surprised after I read a good bit about tattoos, and I thought that it would be okay for him. I did ask him to consider temporary tattoo s first though, since this could be something where he would change his mind after having one for a few weeks. Read more… »

We Bought Some Land on the Lake

My cousin and I were out on the lake fishing for small mouth bass and crappie when we spotted the for sale sign, that was about a year ago. Of course at first the guy wanted more for the land than we wanted to give him, especially since this place is really not accessible by land without going a long way out of your way. Eventually we got him down to what we though was reasonable. At first all we did was to clear off a part of it and check out TXU electric plans for the area. It took us a little while to find a mobile home that we could move there and then we tried to figure out how to get some pilings driven into the lake for a dock. Of course the problem is that this lake does not have a stable water level. There is not a huge amount of houses on it and so they do not have a big group of people yelling at them when the lake is too low. Read more… »

Doing My Own Pay Stubs is Easy

I always thought you had to be really good at math to handle payroll. I learned that it is not that hard when you use the right tools though. I have been self employed for a number of years, and I have always taken care of my own pay. I even learned how to do my own taxes after paying several hundred dollars every year for someone else to do something that I am capable of. When I hired on my first worker, I decided to see if there was a check stub generator that would help me with the payroll. Read more… »

A Writer with Great Reviews

When my friend told me she had found a blog site written by Ian Filippini, I had no idea what it was about. She told me what a great writer he is though and how he is able to make his words come alive, so I decided to take a look at his blog. It is very hard to impress my friend, so I knew that it must be something pretty special. It did not take me long at all to find out why she was intrigued with Ian after reading a couple of his blog posts.

Some people are talented writers, and others think that they are. That is why I rarely read blogs anymore, because the majority of them are just not that good. If I am going to give my time to a blog, it needs to be written in a way that captivates me. I do admit that I was cynical before I even went to his blog, but I was really impressed. Read more… »

Cheap Roof Installation Quotes in Queens

I am not sure how my roof came to sag so much without drawing the attention of anyone in my family. Albeit, it is sagging in a part of the roof that is not visible from a large portion of the yard. Still, for this much damage to happen to the underlying frame, it must have been sagging at least a bit for a couple of years I would think. I have to hire someone for roof installation in Queens NY because it is obvious that we are going to need a new roof put on the house. I am not sure how much of the frame of the roof is damaged, but I am fairly sure that the damage is pretty extensive. Read more… »

The Tech Fixed Our Air Conditioner

My husband told me to find some companies that do HVAC repair in NYC not long ago. He knows that I don’t mind comparing companies to find the best one, but I didn’t even know what kind of company this was. He explained that they take care of heating and air conditioning problems, which was something that we definitely had on our hands. We had someone install a central air conditioning unit for us a few years ago, but it was acting up. When we called the company that installed it, we found out that they had gone out of business.

It didn’t concern my husband that we were scammed, because the make and model of our AC unit is a very popular one. Still, he knew that something was not working right, and he did not want to mess anything up by trying to fix it himself. Read more… »