Sticky post The Hotel Needs a New Exterminator

The hotel that I am working for is going to need to a new way to do pest control in NYC. It is not like we are not paying a lot of money to the one that we have right now, but they have not been doing a good enough job and we have been bombarded with complaints about bed bugs. Of course that is not something which is really easy to deal with. You could have the pest guy in one day and then the next day you could have a guest bring the bed bugs into the hotel. There is not a whole lot of things that you can do beyond being continuously vigilant. That is all that you can do really. The truth is that you are at the mercy of your guests, because you are going to have people who have been staying at a place which has been infested by bed bugs. In fact I have little idea how to pick a pest control service. It is not very tough to look through the yellow pages or to search on the web, but you have to sort through the available information. It was truly different from back when you did not have to worry much about this stuff. Just a few years back the bed bug had been pretty exterminated out of the USA. Of course they still existed in other countries and eventually they were brought back into this country by travelers. Now you have them all over the country and there is a big issue with them for hotels. In fact it really kills your business in the age of the internet. You have every guest who comes through the door reading and writing reviews. If people say that you have bed bugs, no one is walking through the door.

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