New Contract for Providing Well Drilling Support

We were in hurry up mode. We got a contract to provide hydraulic fracturing fluid to local well sites that was bigger than we initially planned for. We needed the help of a company in Washington, PA that provides turnkey building services to get us another steel building erected fast to help us warehouse items and have garage space for servicing a fleet of tanker trucks. We were able to order more trucks and have our company name painted on them, but we now needed that extra building to handle all the extra trucks.

We ordered a PEMB, which is a pre-engineered metal building. It was being built within six weeks of being ordered. That is an amazingly fast turnaround for getting a new industrial structure built. The steel buildings go up fast, are very sturdy, can be insulated to be comfortable in this crazy Pennsylvania weather, and they are very durable. I want one on my rural property to serve as offices and a garage for some heavy equipment I own. You can pretty much do anything with these buildings. I see them in industrial parks all around here. There are even commercial buildings that are made of steel from retail stores to offices. You might not initially recognize them as being made of steel, especially the ones with bricks going partway up the sides.

Our building was finished in time for us to begin providing a full roll out of services to the drilling companies. Hydraulic fracturing is the name of the game here for drilling into the Marcellus Shale in Western Pennsylvania. We provide the fluid and then haul it away after it is used. There are other companies doing the same thing, but we were able to scale up faster than anyone else by hiring a company that offers turnkey building services.

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