Month: October 2017

Getting Rid of the Bed Bugs in My House

When my husband told me that we needed to hire a bed bug exterminator in Phoenix AZ, I didn’t know whether to make a face or pass out. I am not a fan of any kind of bug at all. When we have our picnics in the summer months, I have been told that I can get comical when a bee or ant comes close to me. That was a bit more tolerable because I was in their territory. Having bed bugs invade my space though was something that I would not be able to tolerate at all.

I didn’t even really know what a bed bug was, so my husband showed me a picture of one on the computer. It is very disgusting looking, and I was glad that they were not any bigger than what they are. Read more… »

New Contract for Providing Well Drilling Support

We were in hurry up mode. We got a contract to provide hydraulic fracturing fluid to local well sites that was bigger than we initially planned for. We needed the help of a company in Washington, PA that provides turnkey building services to get us another steel building erected fast to help us warehouse items and have garage space for servicing a fleet of tanker trucks. We were able to order more trucks and have our company name painted on them, but we now needed that extra building to handle all the extra trucks.

We ordered a PEMB, which is a pre-engineered metal building. It was being built within six weeks of being ordered. That is an amazingly fast turnaround for getting a new industrial structure built. Read more… »