Getting a Temporary Tattoo First

When my husband told me that he wanted to get a tattoo, I really was not sure what to think. Neither of us had ever talked about wanting one, and it just never really entered my thoughts that he would want to get a tattoo one day. I went online to learn more about it, because it was just so foreign to me. I was really surprised after I read a good bit about tattoos, and I thought that it would be okay for him. I did ask him to consider temporary tattoo s first though, since this could be something where he would change his mind after having one for a few weeks.

That is one reason I was really glad that I went online and found a site that was extremely informative about tattoos. I saw that when some people get them, they realize that it is not for them after all. It can be a lengthy and expensive process to have one professionally removed though, which is why I did want him to be positive before making this kind of permanent commitment. Getting a temporary tattoo seemed to be the perfect compromise.

He was able to find a tattoo shop that does henna tattoos, and that would give him some time to determine if he wanted to get a permanent tattoo that is in full color. He already knew the design that he wanted to get, so he had the shop do a temporary henna tattoo of just a small part of what he wanted. I had to admit that it looks great, and he really likes it too. It was definitely the right move for him to do, and he has decided that he is going to go ahead and get the permanent tattoo done in the very near future.

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