Month: March 2017

We Bought Some Land on the Lake

My cousin and I were out on the lake fishing for small mouth bass and crappie when we spotted the for sale sign, that was about a year ago. Of course at first the guy wanted more for the land than we wanted to give him, especially since this place is really not accessible by land without going a long way out of your way. Eventually we got him down to what we though was reasonable. At first all we did was to clear off a part of it and check out TXU electric plans for the area. It took us a little while to find a mobile home that we could move there and then we tried to figure out how to get some pilings driven into the lake for a dock. Of course the problem is that this lake does not have a stable water level. There is not a huge amount of houses on it and so they do not have a big group of people yelling at them when the lake is too low. Read more… »