Doing My Own Pay Stubs is Easy

I always thought you had to be really good at math to handle payroll. I learned that it is not that hard when you use the right tools though. I have been self employed for a number of years, and I have always taken care of my own pay. I even learned how to do my own taxes after paying several hundred dollars every year for someone else to do something that I am capable of. When I hired on my first worker, I decided to see if there was a check stub generator that would help me with the payroll.

My reasoning was that if I was able to maneuver my way around self employment taxes because of inexpensive software that does the majority of the work for me, then I should be able to find a program or website that will help me with my payroll too. I am not opposed to paying someone to do something that I am not capable of, but I am opposed to paying someone a high fee for something that I can do on my own, even if it is something that I wish I didn’t have to do.

I actually found a lot of different online payroll help sites, but there is one that I liked better than any of the others. This site really does make it a seamless process, and it is not expensive at all to generate a pay stub. If I had dozens of workers, I would go a different route, but this is definitely the way to go when there is just one or even a few. It is very easy, and I am able to have a printed pay stub in my hand within five minutes of starting it. Now that is what I call fast and easy service!

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