Cheap Roof Installation Quotes in Queens

I am not sure how my roof came to sag so much without drawing the attention of anyone in my family. Albeit, it is sagging in a part of the roof that is not visible from a large portion of the yard. Still, for this much damage to happen to the underlying frame, it must have been sagging at least a bit for a couple of years I would think. I have to hire someone for roof installation in Queens NY because it is obvious that we are going to need a new roof put on the house. I am not sure how much of the frame of the roof is damaged, but I am fairly sure that the damage is pretty extensive. I am not sure how so much moisture managed to find its way to the wooden frame, but I guess that there probably was a hole in the shingles somewhere, caused by some damage that we never knew about.

It is actually kind of funny how we figured out that we needed to have the roof replaced. No, someone in my family didn’t suddenly notice that the roof was sagging, because that would have been too easy. Rather, my oldest son was up on the roof, trying to clean out the gutters, and to power wash them as well. I am not sure how his eyesight is but he was walking near the sagging part of the roof and I guess he didn’t even notice initially. He realized that the roof was sagging, but not until he stepped on what must have been a particularly weak spot, and his foot went right through the roof. I am just glad he didn’t fall off the roof or something. But it is unfortunate we have to pay for a new roof now.

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