The Tech Fixed Our Air Conditioner

My husband told me to find some companies that do HVAC repair in NYC not long ago. He knows that I don’t mind comparing companies to find the best one, but I didn’t even know what kind of company this was. He explained that they take care of heating and air conditioning problems, which was something that we definitely had on our hands. We had someone install a central air conditioning unit for us a few years ago, but it was acting up. When we called the company that installed it, we found out that they had gone out of business.

It didn’t concern my husband that we were scammed, because the make and model of our AC unit is a very popular one. Still, he knew that something was not working right, and he did not want to mess anything up by trying to fix it himself. If there was something wrong with most anything else in the house, he can fix it, but he knows his limitations. I was able to find a company that came out without charging us a huge fee just to walk in our front door.

The technician was very knowledgeable about the unit that we have, and he was able to diagnose the problem within the first 10 minutes or so of being here. He even had the parts that he needed to fix it, and it was not long before he had cool air coming out from the vents in all of the rooms again. I honestly thought that it was going to take much longer and be much more expensive, and my husband did as well. This company treated us so well that we are going to use them from now on for anything with our air conditioning or heating from now on.

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