I Will Never Put This off Again

After doing what I could to get out of seeing any dentist for a long time, I found myself in the position of needing one quickly. One of my teeth broke after biting into a simple hamburger. It stunned me when it happened and I panicked. I made some quick phone calls to ask people I knew who the best Grand Rapids dentist is that they knew of. I got some good advice, but then I noticed that three friends all referenced the same dental practice, so that is where I decided that I would go.

Aside from the broken tooth, I knew that I had some cavities that needed to be looked at. I can’t count how many times I had pain in three different teeth. I always wondered if I would find myself in extreme pain because I let them go, but so far I had been lucky. But I also had the feeling that letting the issue go on probably was not good for my health. I suspected that I had an infection in one of my teeth due to a cavity. When I showed up for my appointment, I learned that is exactly what was going on. Because of the infection from another tooth, the doctor was unable to work on my broken tooth until the infection was brought under control with a few days of antibiotics.

By the time I was safe to work on after my round of antibiotics was complete, I went back for the second appointment to work on fixing my main issue. I also that 5 cavities filled. I knew that I should never let this happen again. And the interesting part is that the entire visit was very pleasant. There was nothing scary and no work was done that hurt me.

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