Live to Travel the World

I like to travel quite a bit. For me there is nothing like the freedom which travelling is able to provide to a person; to see the wider world that’s beyond your own nation’s boundaries is the ultimate expression of human freedom. It’s a basic fundamental human right to be able to travel. Indeed, it’s something that humankind has done throughout the entirety of its own meager youthful existence on the planet. We’ve migrated to every continent on the planet so what’s to stop me from working at a shop printing in Brisbane even if I’m from the United States – Kentucky, of all places. When I look back on my Facebook to see how few of my friends from high school have chosen to travel themselves I’m always blown away. Some of them haven’t even left the tiny town that the majority of us grew up in and fewer still have actually left the state itself.

I do my best to encourage both friends and family to do more travelling. There are jobs available all over the world that can grant you entry into almost any country. When people ask me what my career is I respond with ‘a rambling man’. It’s the truth; I never wanted a ‘normal’ career. I have no desire to live a life that is focusing on retiring. How is that living? Why live for the end when there’s so much more to live for right here, right now and in this moment. Every moment is a moment to be made into something a special, another memory to cherish. I can’t believe in living to retire. Why live for the last few years of life? We have so much energy and exuberance now to put to better use than stacking cash in some IRA account!

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