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IndyCar Playlist: Pippa Mann

One feature that will start popping up on the site is the IndyCar playlist.  I will ask drivers for a playlist of songs that are their favorites, they are listening to right now, and ones that get them pumped up before a big race.  First up is Pippa Mann!  Enjoy!

Credit PippaMann.com

My playlist became the subject of much mirth during May last year. The first question my engineer would ask me when I got there every morning was what song I had been listening to on the way in…

“Real Wild Child” – Iggy Pop

Seems to fit IMS in May in big car when you start taking aero off and gearing yourself up for qual runs fairly well…!

“Livin’ On a Prayer” – Bon Jovi

No comment other than the title of the song says it all…!

“Here I Go Again” - White Snake

The lyrics are actually “here I go again on my own”….! Again when you’re getting yourself ready for a big qual run at the speedway, once you get out there it’s just you and the car alone.

“Don’t Stop Believin’” – Journey

It’s actually very easy to “stop believing” when things get tough on and off the track. Besides – who doesn’t love this song?! :)

“Just a Girl” – No Doubt

For the more angry days. I have always responded well to being told I can’t do something because I’m a girl, so this song is a little extra motivation to get out there and prove I can do anything, and being a girl has nothing to do with it!

“Fighter” – Christina Aguilera

“I’m a fighter, I’m a survivor…” Everyone knows the saying what doesn’t kill you makes you stronger. It is never more true than in this business – both with the tough days in the car, and the tough days trying to put sponsorship together outside of the car.

“18 Wheeler” – Pink

Very similar to the Christina song in attitude – the theme is you can do whatever you want to me, but you can’t keep me down. I am going to keep coming back at you no matter what.

“Insane In the Brain” – Cypress Hill

There are days when this seems the perfect way to start. We run 220mph for a living. In open wheel cars. Yup. We are all perfectly sane then.

“Sweet Home Alabama” – Lynyrd Skynyrd

Because running at Barber without listening to this song on the way into the track should be illegal!! And no, you can’t just play the Kid Rock song with snippets of this in it, it has to be the original to count.

“Smells Like Teen Spirit” – Nirvana

I actually have a whole Nirvana playlist. Smells Like Teen Spirit is just the classic track that every knows and can recognise from the opening guitar strums.

“Respect” – Aretha Franklin

“R-E-S-P-E-C-T, Find out what it means to me…” Some days I think if I have one more person tell me that my poles in lights and my win at Kentucky don’t count for anything I think I’m going blow a gasket. “Just a little respect…”

“Beat It” – Michael Jackson

One of my favourite MJ tunes. How can you go to work without an MJ tune every once in a while??

“Girl From Mars” – Ash

This was huge the first summer I really started karting. I remember listening to it along with all the big Blur and Oasis tracks of the time in the van on my way down to a kart track in the south of England where we were going to see if we could qualify for the national championships in my class. I was told by everyone that having just started out I didn’t stand a hope in Hell, but that it would be good experience for me. “Everyone” should eat their words, I made the A Finals and made it in…

“Forget You” – Cee Lo Green

Except I listen to the other, ummm, non PC, no Glee version… The juxtaposition between the happy tune and what he’s actually saying makes me laugh. Plus, not only is it a great tune, but I am a child, and this allows me to sing a rude word at the top of my voice…!

“Jump” – Van Halen

How can you not love Van Halen??? I challenge anyone to find a tune with more get up and go than this one. It’s a classic!

“Iris” – The Goo Goo Dolls

More of a wind down song that a get up and go song, but one of my favourites all the same. If the previous song is all about high energy, this song is about reinstating some calm.

“Lil’ Star” – Kelis

Continuing the calm theme, some days it’s not about getting pumped up, it’s about composure instead, and this song has it in spades.The lyrics are beautiful and some of my favourite of all time.

“Far Away” – Nickelback

I know it’s unfashionable in “real music” circles to admit to being a Nickelback fan, but I am. I listen to this song not to get pumped up, but to remind me of everything else I have in life and how lucky I am. It’s our first dance song for our wedding in December