Not That You Asked, Adam’s 2012 Wishes

Queers4Gears contributor Adam Lovelace lays out his best wishes for the 2012 racing season:

  • A safe season for all racing series first and foremost!
  • Huge, major sponsors for so we can go to every single race!
  • I wish you all would listen every week to the Q4G Out of the Tunnel podcast. In fact, listen now right here: CLICK HERE TO LISTEN TO THE SHOW
  • Dale Earnhardt Jr wins races and the championship even. Hey, I can wish big.
  • I hope Danica Patrick out performs and shuts up the haters. I hope she wins races.
  • I wish for less haters everywhere, not just racing.
  • I hope the Busch brothers get another big helping of humble. They need it. I’m not hating, just wishing.
  • I hope Queers4gears founder, Michael, starts being stalked by Kasey Kahne.
  • I wish Indycar would race on more ovals, or that the road courses were more competitive. Either one.
  • Every ARCA race televised! The ones they do televise are generally NOT the best ARCA races to watch. You are missing some good racing not seeing the short tracks. SPEED is a channel; they should show more racing of all types.
  • I want to listen to Sirius NASCAR online. It is 2012. I listen in the car for about 20 mins on the way to work and 20 mins on the way home. You know what lots of folks have access to during the day? Computers and mobile devices! I could listen all day. In fact, I pay extra to listen online, but one of the few channels I can’t get online? You guessed it.
  • Speaking of Sirius NASCAR, how about live qualifying and practice? Why not?
  • While I’m at it, how about some kind of app available to ALL smartphones? Again, it’s 2012. Keep up.
  • I wish the following would be banned from all tracks: the word boogity, all politicians of any persuasion, confederate flags (let’s move on), and Lee Greenwood songs.
  • I wish the Daytona 500 was still the day before a holiday. It was much better that way.
  • No rainouts, for any series.
  • More Friday/Saturday night races.
  • Autoclub Speedway should be reconfigured. While that’s being done Bruton Smith should remember what he did in Vegas and bring that to Kentucky Speedway. I think it greatly improved the racing.
  • I wish for all races to end two or three wide at the finish line.
  • I wish for all championships to be decided on the last lap of the last race of the season.
  • I wish for more first time winners. I love seeing drivers and teams get their first win.
  • I wish for more sell out races for all series.
  • I hope this two-car tandem racing in NASCAR is coming to an end. I’ll take the pack racing anyday.
  • Side by side commercials all the time. I love that feature and I see more commercials that way. Seems like wise marketing to me!
  • And, a shameless plug for myself, I wish someone from the racing world would call me. Offer me a job. I have many skills you need.
  • I hope you all have a wonderful new year and enjoy the 2012 racing season!!

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