F1 and V8 News and Notes

by Cody Globig – Q4G F1 and V8 Contributor


Indian GP:
Well, another brand new race in the FIA Formula One World Championship is under our belts. There were on track battles, some well-publicized skirmishes, and somewhere in the ungodly haze of New Delhi a race broke out.
I’m not going to go into an analysis of the race this time ‘round, because let’s face it, it’s an F1 race… They’re not all that exciting, and even I’ll admit that. I’m just too fascinated by the cars and engineering to look away (and it’s the same with LeMans each year too). Sadly, it was rather hard to look at the cars because one could barely see the length of the front straight through the awful haze that permeates that part of India. I think it’s great that a developing country like India has the opportunity to host a grand prix, but dayum! I couldn’t imagine breathing that air, let alone eating the food and risking “Delhi Belly”.
The excitement of the weekend once again involved a row between Felipe Massa and Lewis Hamilton. This time, Massa rather blatantly drove into the side of Hamilton as they were entering a corner, and driver-representative to the stewards Johnny Herbert agreed. Race control penalized him appropriately (in my opinion).
As per the usual par for the course, the media went crazy over the situation. Jenson Button was even questioned about this ongoing hate-fest between Massa and Hamilton; a story which you can read here, in which you can read Jenson’s reply of, “I don’t give a f***!” to the Massa/Hamilton question.
Oh yeah, remember that race that I mentioned? Reigning and this year’s World Champion Sebastian Vettle won again. And he set the fastest lap on the last lap (much to the political chagrin of his boss!).
V8 Supercar Silly Season Starts
Silly Season down under has swung into full gear with just a couple rounds left in the 2011 V8 Supercar season. It was announced the other day that Stone Brothers Racing has signed Lee Holdsworth away from Gary Rogers Motorsport. 2012 will mark the first year in the main game that Holdsworth will be in the Ford camp, piloting the IRWIN Tools Falcon seat vacated by Alex Davison. Davison, younger brother of Ford Performance Racing’s Will, is now looking for a ride for next year.

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