Meet Cody Globig – Q4G F1 and V8 Contributor Preview

Queers4Gears is excited to announce we continue our expansion into covering other forms of motorsports.  I started it all in 2009 with a primary focus on NASCAR – we now have a few folks covering stock cars and in the past year we have added Indy Car and NHRA contributors to the site.  Now we add Formula 1 and V8 Super Cars to the site.  Both series have announced plans to race in the US in the coming years – so the timing could not be better.  Join me in welcome Cody Globig.  You can follow Cody on Twitter: @theSAABwriter or email him: globigcy AT


I’m Cody Globig. I’m a 21 year old English and Journalism student at the University of Cincinnati, I’m gay, and I am obsessed (which is putting it very lightly) with cars and motor racing.

I’m just a lil’ (and at 5’3” I mean that very literally) old country boy from Hamilton, OH (about a half-hour  North of Cincinnati) but with a particular proclivity to non-US motoring.  Many of my family members have worked in the auto industry – most for Ford, hence I have a distinct bias toward the boys from Dearborn – so naturally I was immersed in all-things-automobile from a very young age. Most of the credit would have to go to my grandfather, bless his 91 year old heart! An insatiable tinkerer to this day, he gave me the foundations of my mechanical knowledge and fascination which I’ve grown and refined my entire life.  These days, I actually teach my own father about cars more than he teaches me anything (except life lessons; he’s good at that – love you Mom and Dad!), but we still have a tight hobby-bond over our family’s other pastime: hunting.  I’m not an obsessive white tailed deer hunter like my father, but I do have two bucks mounted in my bedroom from my pre-college days as a family venison provider.

Compared to my long-standing passion for road cars, my interest in racing is somewhat new.  When I was younger, I always loved cars, yet I never got the point of racing.  February 18, 2001 changed that though.  The ’01 Daytona 500 was the first race I ever watched (nothing else good was on, and I liked cars, so I figured, “What the hell… Why not?!”).  Over that 5 or so hours, I saw the power, speed, and excitement of motor racing.  I saw the highest of highs in Michael Waltrip, then racing’s lowest of lows just minutes later.  I’ve always been a fearless soul, and I suppose the realization of watching the most dangerous moments of a race sealed that passion into my heart. Ever since, I have been fascinated with the men and women who participate in one of the most dangerous sports in the world; their courage, tenacity, and undying will to win.  Moreso, I am a massive nerd, and my obsessive fascination with the machinery involved is an absolute illness.

For that first year of my NASCAR fandom, I either didn’t realize or didn’t care that other racing series existed (that turned left and right!).  During the ’01 off-season, though, I discovered the wonders of touring car racing from across the globe each weekend when Speedvision (God bless that long-forgotten channel format) showed the British Touring car Championship, European (now World) Touring Car Championship, Deutsche Tourenwagen Masters, and my favorite: the Australian V8 Supercar series.  Road racing tin-tops became my life’s passion that winter, and come March, I discovered the (at the time) 19,000rpm wonder that was the FIA Formula One World Championship. Oh yeah, and I’m also quite big into rallying (which is why my first car was a 1967 SAAB 96 two-stroke).

Now don’t get me wrong, I like all forms of racing, but at heart I’m a road racing guy, though I still follow NASCAR fairly closely.  My specialties these days are my very close following of the Aussie V8s and Formula One, which is why I reached out to the great Michael Myers and asked if he’d like a contributor for F1 and the V8s since (respectively) one is returning to the US in 2012, and the other coming to our shores for the first time in 2013, both to Austin, TX and the magnificent Tavo Hellmund and Hermann Tilke lovechild: Circuit of the Americas.  NOTE: Ross and Michael, you lucky b******s… Living so close and all…

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